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New establishment of the Creative-Inflatbale GmbH as of January, 1 2010. The Creative-Inflatable GmbH was made out of Herby-Print Werbe GmbH that is successfully producing and marketing inflatable advertizing media since 1973.

Herby-Print Werbe GmbH

As of January, 1 2010 Herbert J. Meyer has split Herby-Print Werbe GmbH with the purpose of further establishing the PRINTING section and to give the strongly growing INFLATABLE section a new brand with a clear identification. Simultaneously his son Sandro Meyer joins the new firm as a educated technician  to take over the sections of development, implementation, mounting, service and logistics. Since the age of 14 Sandro has actively engaged in international events and has been putting up and maintaining Arches and other Inflatables all by himself. Thus we are a traditional family business whereas the second generation is already part of it.
Also the youngest son Oliver Meyer has assisted in various events. He is now apprenticing interior decorator, upholsterer – of course in our home business. Otherwise we are a longstanding team. You will be well and competently consulted  by our adviser Marinella Athanasi. You as our costumer will profit even more from our know-how about inflatable advertising media.

We are going for perfection—for us and for you—because you also share a responsibility towards your product, your firm or your customers. We help our customers to an effective appearance and we do talk your language and we know the needs of an event and marketing director. Innovation is our daily challenge.

Your Inflatable-Partner - Herby-Print - has a new brand name,
Creative-Inflatable GmbH

Yours sincerely,
Executive Director


Herbert J. Meyer
and the CI-Team


Herbert J. Meyer


The Herby-Print Werbe GmbH is exclusively assigned to digital printing, writing and advertising techniques. Their customers are event directors and managers, sponsoring managers, craftsmen, trade and industry.

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